Here are a few tips for choosing a plumber.

Choosing the right sewer and plumbing company can be tough. A skilled, experience sewer and plumbing expert can be a lifesaver or a nightmare. Here are a few options to help find the right company.

1. Check out reviews online. This one can be tricky. Most review are legitimate. However, sometimes a negative review can be posted simply because the “reviewer” was dissatisfied with some part of the process. Most reviews are honest and trustworthy.

2. Word of mouth. When possible, ask your neighbors, friends and family whom they trust for services. Then look those recommendations up online.

Get Estimates: Get a couple written estimates from different plumbers. Documentation is important to have if something goes wrong. (Obviously, this isn’t applicable in emergency scenarios).

Are they licensed, bonded and insured: While licensing and bonding requirements vary state to state, all plumbers should have insurance to cover accidents that may happen while on your property.

Where the company is located: Does the company you’re hiring have a physical address? Helpful should something go wrong and you are trying to contact the company.

Look at their history: How long have they been in business? Are they well established in your community? Is it a name you recognize and have heard of? Perhaps you have seen them working in your community. This means they have a reputation and will work to provide you with great service and keep their customers happy! It also means that you will be able to contact them later. You won’t be passed from one business to another.

Document the work: Whenever possible make sure that you have a receipt and description of the work that was performed.

Do they offer a warranty: This might not apply to all jobs or vary depending on the work performed but it is important. It proves that they will stand behind their work.

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